Hi There!

My name is Noga. I’m a second year multimedia designer student. I’m very passionate about web development and eager to progress in that field. I have various knowledge in programing languuages and web related environments and software. You are most welcome to explore my page and find out more about me.

Noga - that is me

I Love Coding.

You can look at my Cyber Security project or The Nordic Way project and see how I've coded with JavaScript.

This is a WordPress website! I've build it with Elementor.

Even when developing in a drag and drop system, knowing coding and CSS can be of great use.

How much web savy am I? Well...can you remember the days when the  WWW were just static HTML pages with blue links?

As part of my web development topup  studies I've experiemented with nodejs. You can brow my Github and see code examples. 

Here is a link to a task app I've built with react as part of my Multimedia design studies. Nowadaws I'm contiuing to gain more with react, as well with other frameworks.

As part of first semester studies in web development I've built a CDs webshop (Yes, I'm nostalgic) using vanilla php + MySQL. I've implemented MVC architechture and used async js in the process. It's also on my GitHub.

Projects I did

Right beneath you will find projects I did in my first and second semester. Some I did individually and some in a group. We are all internationals in class and
that is quite a unique and interesting multicultural experience, sometimes challenging, but mostly fun. In The Triple Design project we even made a “Funny Parts” video that captured some of these funny momements!

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Here is what my past employers think about me

I was very pleased with Noga's work and with the quick and efficient way in which she acquired the necessary working skills for a complex system that integrates many applications. I was also impressed by her high cognitive abilities and personality, being a very nice person by nature, with sensitivity and love to help, even at the expense of her private time. She got well along with the other employees of the company and with the customers who really appreciated her services.

Amnon Sussman

CEO of ATT - Advanced Teaching Technologies

Noga Vigdor is a multi-talent. Someone you can trust to do the work and get it done the best way possible. She is a quick learner and gets to the bottom of things. I love working with her

Sigal Gadol

Owner at Sigal - Websites that Work

Looking forward to hear from you

I might be the one for you.